A symphony for your senses

A symphony for your senses

10 August 2015 | Pic PR

Launching a new TV programme opens up a world of opportunity for advertising, marketing or PR stunts. Depending on the genre, storyline or characters, PR teams are able to use this to their advantage and really run with the theme of the show. For example, for the launch of the new Fantastic 4 film, a flaming drone in the shape of a human was flown around New York the other week. Simple idea and it got people talking and asking questions – result.

Over on Netflix it may be more difficult to publicise any new releases, as there are no advert breaks on the shows and it’s subscription only. PR or advertising teams really need to work hard to get the attention of the public and get them talking.

So, in true PR style, the team responsible for Sense 8 have conjured up a unique stunt for the show.

If you’ve not seen or heard of the show, Sense 8 is a story about eight strangers from across the globe who suddenly find themselves connected by each other’s thoughts, feelings and actions. Basically, they can read each other’s minds and it’s all a bit unrealistic, but it makes for good TV.

Netflix teamed up with a production company to promote the show and create an experiment. The idea? A Brainwave Symphony – an original piece of music crafted from, you guessed it, eight strangers and their brainwaves.

The participants binge-watched all 12 episodes of the show from season one and were then shown a common set of visual stimuli. The production company linked each brain wave with a note of music and when all eight brainwaves came together, the result was a rather dramatic ‘movie premier’ piece of music.

The experiment was filmed and paired with an advert for the show, so as a whole, promotes Sense 8 quite well.

The whole video is quite interesting and worth a watch, especially when they go into detail about how the brain is its own symphony, magical.

Although I find it hard to believe that the piece of music, which actually sounds quite good, was produced from brain waves I really like the idea (but I’m pretty sure they just got a DJ in at the end!)