Stoneless avocados

08 December 2017 | Kate Owens

So we’re nearing the middle of December, we’re thinking Christmas trees, wreaths, presents, Christmas parties, prosecco, all things Christmassy! What perhaps does not to spring to mind is…avocados. To be more specific – stoneless avocados!

That’s right, Marks and Spencer has launched “cocktail” avocados. These “cocktail” avocados are a lot shorter in length, at approximately 6cm long, they essentially look like mini courgettes. And not only are these avocados stoneless – you can also eat the skin! So, no more stabbing of the stone or scooping out the flesh, you can just pop it in one and you’re away.

The infamous bearded, lumberjack-shirt wearing hipsters will be queuing up all over the country in order to pick up their mini-avos for £2 a pot! A perfect accompaniment to your Acai mason jar breakfast perhaps.

Personally, I don’t get it. Why is everything being made easier for everyone? It started with pre-grated cheese in packets, then pre-prepared vegetables and now avocados without a stone. The ‘snowflake’ generation get criticised for not getting out and working, (a study earlier this week revealed a fall in the percentage of teenagers getting a part-time job) but all the time things are being made easier for them, so why would they go and get a job when everything is being handed to them?

Admittedly, stoneless avocados should see a drop in visits to A&E though. Yes, really. These millennials can’t even cut the bloomin’ things!

Perhaps I’m going off point a little, but the question still remains; are these stoneless avocados a perfect little addition to our Christmas festivities? Are these “cocktail” avocados going to be replacing our delicious honey and mustard cocktail sausages? I don’t think so, but unsurprisingly I think people will go mad for them and they’ll be swept off the shelves in M&S. Marks and Spencer is playing right into the hands (and mouths if you will) of the millennials and to all the fitness-obsessed and healthy-living-lifestyle Brits, and…you know what? Hats off to them!