S**T Customer Service

S**T Customer Service

09 January 2015 | Pic PR

This week it was definitely Virgin Trains who won Twitter. If you haven’t heard the story it goes like this; a teenager, Adam Greenwood, travelling from Euston to Glasgow on a Virgin train got himself into a slight predicament in the toilets as he realised he didn’t have any loo roll. So he tweeted @VirginTrains to ask for help. Whoever was managing their social media account got straight on the case to find out what carriage he was in and sent help immediately in the form of replacement toilet roll…much to the delight and relief of young Adam.

This was such a straightforward and simple thing for Virgin Trains to do but it is the perfect example of the power of social media. From this one act of customer service has resulted in blanket coverage of the incident and so profile raising the Virgin Trains brand.

A Virgin Trains spokesperson said, “At Virgin Trains we work really hard to respond to our customers quickly, to make sure they get the information or help they need – whatever the request! We recognise that we’re all human and if we can brighten a customer’s journey and be a little cheeky along the way, all the better.”

Hopefully this will make more brands realise the importance of customer engagement when it comes to social media. Many companies go above and beyond when it comes to customer service and once this was transmitted by word of mouth now it’s through social media. So if you’re not on social media it’s time to get there and remember: customer interaction is key!