Split down the middle

Split down the middle

24 June 2015 | Lloyd Hughes

We love a good underhand PR stunt and this example is of particular note, managing to fool millions and a wide range of media outlets across the world.

A newly divorced German man called ‘Martin’ apparently filmed himself sawing several possessions in half (including a car, bed, iPhone and TV) and thanking ‘Laura’ for the last 12 ‘beautiful’ years saying that she deserved half of his belongings.

The footage is shot in an amateurish fashion giving it a suitably authentic air, which caused it to do the proverbial ‘viral’ thing and get viewed over 6million times, being published across some huge media outlets such as Mashable, Fox News and RT on the way.

In addition 16 neatly sawed items appeared on eBay, reinforcing the sense of authenticity.

In the end though it turns out that there wasn’t really a heartbroken/furious German man called Martin at all, but rather a crafty bunch of German lawyers called Deutsche Anwaltauskunft, an information portal for the German Bar Association.

The group announced via its website that it was behind the video and possessions, revealing the real message to be that couples should take suitable precautions if they don’t want to become embroiled in a messy divorce like ‘Martin’.

Watch the original YouTube video here.

In a nice touch you can actually buy the items on eBay, with the proceeds going to charity.

Overall it’s a great stunt that did unbelievably well in terms of audience reached, whilst also being bang on the message. Tip of the PR cap to you Deutche something or other.