Spit it out

15 March 2018 | Daisy Rickards
We all know that football fans can be hooligans sometimes and you may even know a few yourself - they’re not hard to come by. However, this week it wasn’t the fans letting the sport down as ex Liverpool player, Jamie Carragher, decided to spit at a fan on the motorway. Not only did Carragher launch spit out of his car window, he managed to direct it onto the face of the fan’s 14 year old daughter too - oops.

The whole incident was recorded by none other than a die-hard Manchester United fan who was heckling ‘banter’ at the star, after Liverpool faced a 2-1 defeat against Manchester United. The embarrassing result left Jamie’s blood boiling, apparently, which resulted in a very preventable PR mishap.  

To make matters worse, good old social media got in on the scandal and the video footage taken by the goading fan was plastered on every media platform. Oh yeah, with the volume right up, the vulnerable girl can then be heard bursting into floods of tears - as if it couldn’t get any worse. 

Many fans of the sport took to Twitter, as the British public do so well, and shamed the ex Liverpool player for his ‘disgusting’ and ‘unacceptable’ behaviour. Jamie was also reminded about a comment he made back in 2015 about spitting bans within the sport and how he had branded it a ‘vile’ and ‘disgusting’ thing to do. Safe to say that Jamie is now very much regretting his actions and keeping on the downlow.

Although many of us would be absolutely disgusted at this act (I would hope), the fan at the centre of the incident, and his family, have forgiven the star and suggested that an apology is all that was required. However, Jamie's bosses at Sky Sports have very much opposed to the idea of him getting away with this one lightly; temporarily suspending him from presenting on the channel. 

Despite Jamie's endless, fairly reasonable, apologies, many have said that his actions went way too far and that he should not return to our TV screens. One super-fan of Jamie’s, who in fact gave his son the middle name ‘Carragher’, has suggested he will now remove the middle name. The Red’s supporter said he was a ‘big admirer’ of the player - quite clearly - but now does not not want to be associated with Jamie. I think the kid may appreciate his father's decision in years to come!

Overall, I think Jamie will now be kicking himself over making such an avoidable PR catastrophe and realising there is no escape from social media and its power. We really aren’t lying when we suggest that it is taking over people's lives - ask Jamie. 

Anyway, best of luck to the ex-football star for getting out of this one - we wouldn’t want to be him in this position right now!