Spice up your life...again!

23 November 2016 | Jess Seal

Can it be true?

The Spice Girls are back?

Well three of them anyway – Yesterday, the upbeat (and some might say cheesy) pop single by Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Mel B, was 'leaked' and fans are getting excited. 

The three girls also known as Ginger, Baby and Scary Spice have reportedly been working in the studio for months and their single ‘Song For Her’ is drumming up a lot of discussion and rumours.

The trio who have named themselves the very inventive ‘Spice Girls GEM’ (Geri, Emma, Melanie for those who aren’t following) have received a huge response from their fans with some losing their sh*t out of pure excitement and others missing a bit of Sporty and Posh Spice.

Another interesting rumour, which I’m not exactly a fan of is that the song will be used for the Eurovision Song Contest! If Spice Girls GEM lower themselves to the Eurovision Song Contest I don’t think I’ll ever forgive them. Surely that can’t be a good opportunity for them – can it?

The song itself isn’t half bad. There is a lot of cheese, with lines like ‘she’s got that boom boom pop’ and a strong key change for the chorus. I can’t imagine it will be for everyone, but if you’re a Spice Girls fan then you’ll most probably like it.

The leak of ‘Song For Her’ is some pretty good PR for the lovely Spice Girls ladies. The song is being talked about everywhere and let’s face it, after hearing the song was out, you probably went on YouTube to give it a listen.

After the news of the leak came out, I found myself questioning: ‘who leaked the song?’

News stories, songs, video trailers, and gossip is always ‘leaked’ to the press but I always wonder who is the culprit?

Do you know what I think the answer is – THEMSELVES!

Using the word ‘leaked’ makes fans think they’re getting a sneak peak of something before they should, it generates more hype around the song, video or gossip and encourages the press to cover the ‘news’. It’s genius.

Now I could be wrong and I don’t like speaking ill of our beloved girls but I’m always very dubious when the press use the word ‘leaked’.

What do you think? 

Either way – great PR for Spice Girls GEM (I still hate the name though).