Have you sorted your soundtrack to sex?

Have you sorted your soundtrack to sex?

13 February 2015 | Pic PR

So here we are, the day before Valentines Day 2015 and for those with a significant other, last minute preparations for the big day are in full swing. Roses have been bought, cards written, romantic getaways and dinners booked…But have you pulled together your ‘Sex Playlist’? Yes, it’s a real thing, people actually put together playlists to get down and dirty to.

Just in time for Valentines Day, and obviously this was no PR coincidence; Spotify has disclosed that there are 2.5 million sex playlists on their service – 56% of which have been created by men.

So what makes a good song to include on this list? Apparently, the most popular song is ‘Intro’ by the xx – a stripped down instrumental. Most of the other songs on the lists are similar with a focus on ‘rhythm and bass’. According to the survey most of the songs are by indie bands with Coldplay and The 1975 making an appearance but there is a trend towards ‘trip hop, almost ambient songs’.

So, if like me, the idea of a sex playlist is news to you do not worry, Spotify has pulled together the top ten most popular songs into a ready made playlist for you and it looks like this: