Some Fabricated PR?

23 May 2016 | Abbie-Jaye Wilson

Could you imagine being in your 70’s and dancing until 5am in a nightclub in London? Well that’s exactly what an elderly Polish couple did earlier this week, it seems…

The couple, from Warsaw, came over to England to visit their daughter who lives in Watford. However, the couple read a review of Fabric, a Farringdon night club, back in Poland and were adamant about making a visit.

DJ Jacob Hansen saw the couple walking down the nightclub’s stairs shortly after the club opened at 10pm and thought the couple were lost. Due to the language barrier, he found a polish speaking guest and after they realised the couple had actually bought tickets to the underground house / techno party, they all headed straight to the bar and had tequila shots. The couple were invited to the VIP area for free drinks too.

Doesn’t it all sound to good to be true?

In my opinion, this could be a well thought out PR stunt; a Fabrication if you like. The club has received wide-spread media coverage for entertaining the elderly couple. Could it have been 2 senior actors hired for the task? The club was in need of some good publicity as it was nearly shut down last year after four drug related deaths in three years.

The fact the couple were from Poland makes it easier for them to disappear into the ether. The DJ is apparently trying to track them down, whilst also stating they may wish to (conveniently?) remain anonymous. I expect we’ll never find out who they really were, but Fabric has certainly generated some excellent PR off the back of it. Kudos to the club if it is a PR stunt.