Slithering back into consciousness

22 August 2017 | Liz Bowen

Aaaaaaand…she’s done it again. The name Taylor Swift is back on the tips of everyone’s tongues as fans wait with baited breath for new music and the announcement of a new album.

Why the tension? Because after completely deleting all content from her social media accounts and her website leaving a blank space (*winks*), the singer has, over the past two days, teased fans with two cryptic videos, seemingly of a snake moving its tail.

There was no fanfare, no announcement, but with nearly 200m followers on social media (that’s just Twitter and Instagram), the move was hardly going to go unnoticed. On Twitter alone, the two videos have received over 300,000 combined likes, while on Instagram the first video has been viewed over 6.5m times.

No-one knows the meaning behind the videos or why she wiped her entire online presence but there has, of course, been a lot of speculation. Firstly, the date of the purge (Friday, 18th August) was the three-year anniversary of the announcement of her last album ‘1989’ and the launch of its first single ‘Shake It Off’.

Then of course there’s the content of the videos. It’s not the first time Swifty has been associated with snakes. Remember the time #TaylorSwiftIsASnake was a trending topic? And then of course then was the time Kim Kardashian celebrated ‘National Snake Day’ right in the middle of one the singer’s many feuds with Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West.

Taylor Swift has always been the master of controlling her own image, so if the theory is correct, it’d make sense that she’s using a not very nice time in her career to her advantage and to get people talking about her again.

It’s not the first time we, or indeed I, have talked about Taylor’s unique PR power on this blog. She’s infamous for it. TSwift never courts publicity, but she sure as Hell knows to generate it.

As if she wasn’t conspicuous enough by her recent extended absence from the headlines (which, incidentally, made headlines), this latest move has certainly got her back in the public consciousness and, most importantly, in the press.

There are now rumours that new music will be launching on Friday. The world waits…