Sir Gareth?

06 July 2018 | Daisy Rickards

Well, I don’t want to jinx it or anything but it looks as though England have a good chance of winning this World Cup - and us Brits (the English ones at least) couldn’t be happier. The team at Pic PR have definitely let it get to their head this week…I’m currently sat writing this in an England shirt with football anthems blaring out.

However, the fans and the reaction to the players have been somewhat different to those of previous years and especially to England’s manager, Gareth Southgate. The man of the moment has become quite the centre of attention over the past few weeks and even, dare I say it, quite the hunk…

Well, if you throw it back to 1996, when the man himself was playing for the England team, praise for Southgate was hard to come by. This was the year England faced Germany in the semi-finals of the Euros and the game went down to the dreaded penalties, a weakness of the team, and although our man was ready to step up and take one…he missed!

As expected, the British public (the English part at least), in their customary hyperbolic manner, blamed the defeat all on the miss of the one penalty, much to Southgate’s despair.

Now though, 22 years later, we’re the manager’s number one fans. Our young and improved team are finally looking hopeful - for once.

Southgate has risen from a maligned failure, to an English hero. So much so, that one street in Gloucester, SouthGate Street, has now decided to revamp its name with a fitting new honorific - Gareth SouthGate Street. And I’m sure the residents of the street are now overjoyed by this ‘upgrade’ - I wonder if house prices will rise?  

Whatever your opinions of the man (I wouldn’t say no to a date!), he’s now synonymous with the feel good experience of the last few weeks, with some excellent chants attributed to his name, and maybe, just maybe...a knighthood on the horizon?

It’s quite the turn around from putting a paper bag over your head for a Pizza Hut advert.

That only leaves me with one thing left to say...

Football’s coming home!!

*Side note* I am writing this the day before the England V Sweden match so the office may have a rather different attitude come Monday morning.