Sheeran's Traffic Jam

03 March 2017 | Pic PR

Ed Sheeran’s come in for some stick this week for a lyric on his new album, Divide.

The lyric that has caused such uproar: “Driving at 90 down those country lanes”.

In (not so) rock n’ roll fashion, Sheeran has faced the outcry by having “drive safely” warning signs put up in his hometown of Framlingham, Suffolk.

He also offered the explanation that the song “doesn’t specifically say miles per hour, [it] could be kilometres per hour” (that would be around 55mph Ed, still too fast!)

Ed says it’s a marketing stunt, but no doubt he has more than half an eye on his PR.

I think Ed’s okay. I like some of his stuff, it's catchy if a little forgettable. I try hard to avoid his more maudlin, saccharine-soaked ballads because…well because I’m not a 15-year-old girl. But I wish there was more edge in music today. As the late (and very great) artist Prince said: “You look around today and there’s just no danger in pop music anymore”.

I’m not advocating driving 90 mile an hour (or is that kilometres per hour, Ed?), but I am a big advocate for rock stars behaving like rock stars, rather than sitting around with their management team and worrying about their image and how they should PR every and any possible contentious incident.

It’s boring and middle of the road (a little like a lot of Ed’s music) and, as the saying goes, nothing interesting ever happened in the middle of the road.

You’re a rock start Ed, so behave like a rock star.