Shaming the Body Shamers

26 July 2016 | Pic PR

There seems to be a lot of body shaming on social media at the moment.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that a Playboy model received major backlash for publicly body shaming a naked woman at her gym on Snapchat. She has since issued an apology for her actions but this hasn’t stopped women from all over the world condemning her for such disgraceful behaviour. 

Whilst it’s awful that this still exists between women in today's society, it’s an important issue to highlight and social media gives people a perfect platform to speak about it. Although some might argue that it’s used just as much for spreading negativity… 

A few days ago, a young woman from Cornwall came face to face with a couple of staff members in a Superdrug store who seemed to be laughing at her appearance.

‘What on earth was she wearing?’ I hear you cry. 

A pair of shorts. 

Oh the horror! You would think that it was summer or something…

Aside from being highly unprofessional, whatever happened to girl power? Shouldn’t we be sticking together and empowering each other, rather than putting women down for their choice of clothing? I’m not sure why these two girls decided to target Harriet in particular and snigger at how she looked, but it was how she reacted to this bad behaviour that has caught the internet’s attention.

Harriet overheard the Superdrug employees talking about her, and whilst many would turn away in embarrassment, this young lady glanced straight at them and simply smiled. How brilliant is that?!

She shared a photo of herself on Facebook, smiling in the pair of shorts, with a lengthy caption telling the haters that their words did no harm, and even goes on to compliment them. Who knows if the staff members have read Harriet’s message, but she has certainly made an impression that may affect how many others treat females.

Superdrug has issued Harriet an apology and will use her experience in future training to ensure this doesn’t happen again… and I’m sure it doesn’t want the bad PR either!

The phrase, ‘if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’, comes to mind, but if you do happen to face some cruel jibes just follow suit and smile.

Good on you, Harriet!