#SecretScanta - What does your social media profile say about you?

#SecretScanta - What does your social media profile say about you?

27 November 2014 | Pic PR

Tesco has teamed up with We Are Social to launch the Secret Scan-ta microsite. The site was designed with the purpose of helping those struggling with Christmas gift ideas.

The site simply asks for the Twitter handle of the person you are looking to buy for and scours through all of their tweets to discover their key interests. After a few tense seconds, ‘Scanta’ presents you with the perfect gift that you can purchase straight from Tesco.

So I thought I’d do a little experiment of my own and find out what Secret Scan-ta suggests are the ‘perfect’ gifts for PicPR.

The top four picks were:

  • Headphones
  • Camera
  • Smart Phone
  • Furby (No idea – so don’t ask!)

To be honest, the accuracy of the gift choices was pretty average. Being a digitally savvy PR agency, technological items would seem an obvious choice, but a Furby? Really? Hopefully it’s not suggesting that our tweets are childish! However, I guess that if you were doing Secret Santa with someone that you did not know very well, then this tool could come in handy.

I’m all in favour of quirky new online technologies but when it starts sifting through and scrutinising your personal information I do feel slightly uncomfortable. I think I’m slightly naïve when it comes to understanding just how much information is accessible online!

Getting Clubcard holders to interact via social media though is a good move for Tesco, as they are amongst its most loyal customers. And during the recent tough supermarket times customer retention is a key priority for Tesco. There are also some extra incentives up for grabs with Tesco offering a weekly prize draw to win 5000 Clubcard points or a Samsung Galaxy S5, which gives it that extra spice.

Despite my reservations, this is still an innovative way to utilise social media and boost online sales by using a relatively simple tool, so kudos to Tesco for that.