Scotland’s Independence – A battle of head over heart?

Scotland’s Independence – A battle of head over heart?

19 September 2014 | Pic PR

So the votes have been counted, the results are in and Scotland has voted no to independence. I’m not Scottish but coming from Ireland, a country which was under English rule for so many years before 26 of the 32 counties finally gained independence, I can understand the hard decision that the Scots had to make and the fight between the head and the heart that they must have endured in the run up to the vote. However, in saying that, I’m not surprised that the ultimate decision was ‘No’ neither am I surprised by the win margin which means that almost half of the country did want their ‘freedom’.

Looking back in history to how the UK gained control over the three Celtic countries there will always be a piece of our hearts that want to take back control– make it right for all the people who fought for the freedom of their country and lost their lives by gaining the independence that has been wished for. However, the situation has greatly changed since those days – England is no longer bullying its way into these countries by oppressing religious choices or trying to kill off traditions. It is a mature country that allows freedom of thought and expression and encourages a pride in our past. We now live in a democracy, the very fact that the people of Scotland were given the opportunity to vote for their independence says it all.

When it comes down to the actual day-to-day running of the country including defence policy, currency and citizenship there are so many things that would have had to change and change is not always good. Scotland has been promised more powers if they voted to stay within the Union so it will be really interesting to see how these unfold over the next few weeks.

When you look at the PR involvement in the campaign it is hard to pick a winning side the debates in the run up to the vote were always evenly matched and were mostly deemed ‘a draw’ but the no vote won out in the end – even if almost half the country did vote yes. In my view the last minute campaign by David Cameron and the visit to Scotland, even if seen by some as a last minute attempt to clutch at straws really did make a difference. Before this the margin of difference was just 1% but the ultimate deciding difference ended up at over 10%. The leaders of the UK abandoned their scheduled commitments to show the people of Scotland that what they were saying was true and that was, “We want to be listening and talking to voters about the huge choices they face. Our message to the Scottish people will be simple: ‘We want you to stay.’”

So all in all, is this a case of head over heart winning out in the end and are more than the half who actually voted Yes a little disappointed this morning? Or are those who were perhaps ruled by their heart secretly happy that they get to continue in a secure partnership with the rest of the United Kingdom? Only time will tell and I for one am looking forward to watching this integral part of our history play out to the end.