Why Russell Brand is winning!

Why Russell Brand is winning!

05 December 2014 | Pic PR

Russell Brand is one of those people you either love or hate. I personally, love him. I always have and I will make no apologies for it. His early comedy career always made me giggle and I have definitely expanded my vocabulary because of his excessively flamboyant language, as I’ve often needed to pick up a dictionary to figure out exactly what he meant. He has an opinion on most things, as we all do, and he uses his well-known name to voice these opinions. People may not agree with him, or the way in which he does this, but they are his opinions – and hey, last time I checked we are lucky enough to live in a country that allows us freedom of speech, so why not use it.

Over the past number of weeks there has been a spotlight on Brand. Ever since the viral of him speaking was cut with the Blur song Parklife! Now Brand could have simply ignored this, or called out for these people to stop being petty but he didn’t, he teamed up with the Irish Rubberbandits to compile a great parody video which points out that it doesn’t matter HOW you say something that counts, it’s what you’re saying. If you haven’t seen the video check it out here. (As an aside I would just like to say that I love how much the Rubberbandits Limerick accent are highlighted beside the quintessentially English one – cracks me up).

Most recently The Sun Newspaper, following a verbal disagreement with a Channel 4 reporter targeted Russell Brand and I’m sure you’re all aware of what I am referring to. Basically, Brand was supporting a protest led by residents of the New Era Estate who look set to lose their homes and were trying to highlight the need for more social housing through a petition. A TV crew was sent to cover the protest, and I’m sure that TV crew would not have been in attendance if it was not for Brands involvement nor would the petition have gathered the 300,000 signatures it had.

During the course of this protest the film crew spoke to Brand and the journalist pushed him to share how mush his house cost, to which he replied that he rented. When he refused to share how much he paid and focus the journalist on the issue in hand to which he refused, Brand got annoyed and rightly so, check out his reaction here.

Following on from this The Sun branded him a hypocrite which also did not go down well. He is planning to sue the newspaper and give all the profits to charity. The headline in The Sun also prompted the trending of #TheSunLogic. How, he can be called a hypocrite is beyond me. We see celebrity ambassadors for charities, many of these are not doing this for free, and they get a fee to be the face of a charity. They take money to help raise money or make an appearance at an event. Brand is raising awareness because he’s passionate about the topics, because he believes people need help and because he believes he can make a difference…where is the hypocrisy in this!?

In my opinion Russell Brand has won, not only the ethical battle, but also the PR battle here. He is standing up for what he believes, he is using his fame to bring attention to issues he feels strongly about and he is getting out there to do what he can to help people in any way he can. And if that means laughing at himself he’s happy to do it. I, for one, admire him for this. Who cares how he speaks, what words he uses, or how much rent he pays for that matter. Anyone who has followed his life story will know that he has worked hard to get to where he is today and overcome difficulties and issues many of us could never even comprehend. So, carry on Russell Brand, continue to do what you are doing!