#RunWithIt with Neil Back

#RunWithIt with Neil Back

17 April 2015 | Pic PR

I love my Friday blog writing slot as I get to look through the PR campaigns of the week. It’s definitely one of my favourite jobs on a Friday looking at what works well and what doesn’t. This week my absolute favourite, stand out campaign is one by Heineken: #RunWithIt with Neil Back.

In case you didn’t already know I’m Irish and I do love my Rugby, I’m still silently smug at our recent six nations win, but I do keep that to myself in the office. In 2002 I was in University in Limerick, which is a Munster county, so I do remember the whole Neil Back controversy that cost Munster the win. And I know a few of my Munster born and bred friends who were particularly annoyed that day.

Basically, for this campaign Heineken pretended to leak Neil Back’s mobile number on their Twitter feed. Hundreds of people phoned and text the rugby player to let him know exactly what they thought of him, and it was not pleasant to say the least. The best, and by that I mean the most nasty and cringe-worthy texts, were called back by Neil’s PA pretending to mistake them for Journalists. What happened next? Well watch the video to find out.

I absolutely love this; I think it’s fair to say it made my Friday! Especially the guy in the grey jumper who looks like he’s about to burst into tears at any second. This is comedy gold and PR gold to match. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this video over the next few days. Well done Heineken…another week, another massive PR win!