Run for Your Bun

12 January 2017 | Tom Carter

David Lloyd Clubs has just launched the world’s first café that allows you to pay for your meal, by doing exercise.

Yes, exercise. The initiative is a way of getting office workers to get off their desk and actually do some exercise as some new research suggested that 90% of their time is spent behind their desks. The research also showed that 28% of the 1,000 workers researched eat their lunch at their desks daily (Sadly, that’s me included!).

The café, which is open in Convent Gardens in London, requires the payer to spend 6 minutes exercising, which includes a minute of; rowing, sit ups, squats, lunges, cycling and treadmill. The diner will also be allowed 30 seconds in between each exercise. However, don’t think you’re going to do 6 minutes of exercise and then have a Big Mac, oh no. The lunch menu is a healthy one, it contains; cous cous with fruits and nuts and pitta bread with your choice of salmon or halloumi and a mixed salad.

Personally I think this is great initiative, especially as its New Year and it seems like it’s the norm for everybody’s New Year’s resolution to be “Eat healthier” or “Have a healthier lifestyle”. It's also a great PR stunt for David Lloyd as it's making more and more people aware of how little they spend actually exercises during the day, even for me as all I do is maybe a little bit of Ping Pong!

You’ve got to rush though if you want to get involved as it’s now only open on the 13th of January between 12pm and 3pm. A short but sweet stunt!