A Royal Error

A Royal Error

10 October 2014 | Liz Bowen

With fans such as the Duchess of Cambridge, it’s no wonder Mulberry is seen as a prestigious brand. Prices begin at £800, so it’s not really a brand that most people can relate to.

Over the last year, Mulberry bosses have admitted that they needed to cut prices and start a new line for the more ‘money-conscious’ amongst us. Sorry that most of us can’t afford £1,200 for a leather bag!

The latest PR blunder is just another blow to the fashion brand as it follows on from a bad year. Mulberry lost its chief executive and stated that profits had slumped after it dramatically raised prices.

The blunder occurred as the luxury handbag brand launched its new ‘Kensington Satchel’ by posting a promotional image of the new collection hanging from the gates of Kensington Palace on its Twitter page. However, in the process of doing so the brand failed to get approval from the palace. Oops.

HOW did the PR and marketing team think that this would be okay? If you are getting paid that much money to promote a luxury brand, surely this is common sense?

The iron railings that the bags were dangling from were once famously surrounded by followers following the death of Princess Diana in 1997 – which all of the news outlets have reminded readers of. It’s a massive, massive error on Mulberry’s part.

The tweet has since been removed after a complaint from Kensington Palace, and a spokesperson told one news outlet, ‘The image was taken without our permission and we requested that it be removed”.

A spokesman for Mulberry said, “We made this post in error.”

Erm – yeah you did! When brands have such a reputation to live up to, surely the marketing and PR team should be at the top of their game? It’s not a good enough excuse to say that it was an error.

Of course it could always be the case that it wasn’t an error at all and was purely done for coverage purposes in a bit of underhand PR.

Either way though, its not the right image Mulberry should be projecting to the public.