Risk it for a biscuit

18 September 2018 | Becky White

Oreo, arguably one of the nation’s favourite biscuits, has undertaken a concerted campaign to get people on-board with its calorific delights, as it bids to tap into recent social media eyebrow crazes as part of its ‘Some People Will Do Anything for an Oreo’ marketing strategy.

As part of this, Oreo has created its very own eyebrow trend – the OreoBrow. Following the infamous fishtail and halo brow which have recently been doing the rounds on the ol’ Twitter, Oreo is hoping for its special triple-layer cookie style brow to gain the same popularity – and I’m sure it’s a parody that’s bound to get Twitter users talking.

Having ‘persuaded’ (i.e. paid!) influencers to don OreoBrows, while they in turn encourage their fan base to do so, Oreo has also teamed up with YouTube stars The Slow Mo Guys, who were given the task of visually representing the campaign. The creative duo filmed one of them running on a treadmill over a pool full of milk – whilst also trying to balance a tray of milk-filled glasses. Inevitably, they soon plummet into the pool in slow motion – with an Oreo as a reward for their effort.

Using videos and influencers to spread the campaign underlines the way in which modern marketing is going. Visual campaigns are demonstrably the most effective in converting viewers to consumers, while the shareability of this campaign is also increased through video. After all, who doesn’t want to watch somebody falling into a big pool of milk?!

Whilst I’m not sure I would walk around with Oreo brows or even dive into a vat of milk in order to justify eating one, this is certainly a clever campaign to encourage people to indulge in some sweet treats. And what’s more, the funny nature of the video boosts the profile of Oreo as a company – representing it as a quirky and unique brand that’s not afraid to have a little fun.