Release the Pounds!

Release the Pounds!

27 March 2015 | Pic PR

Looking back at the week of PR I think one of my favourite stunts has to be the #ReleaseThePounds campaign run by Beagle Street, the online life insurance provider.

Beagle Street is apparently 30% cheaper than other insurance providers but people generally people feel life insurance is very expensive for something you don’t see a return on, even if it is security for your family. Not the most exciting of messages…so how do you turn a boring message into something that is going to get coverage and social media conversation going? By introducing teeny tiny beagle puppies made from £10 notes and placing them around London of course.

500 of these Beagles were left around London for people to find and it worked perfectly. Social media was taken over, first with questions about where they had come from and what they could mean, followed by the unveiling of the truth and the discussions around the campaign. This was all followed by blanket coverage in the majority of national titles – major PR success!

Speaking about the campaign and it’s effect the Managing Director of Beagle Street, Matthew Gledhill said: “Hopefully our £10 note Beagles will put a smile on people’s faces and pounds back into their pockets. The life insurance industry has been slow to adapt to the online revolution, but just as companies have used the Internet to slash the cost of services from air travel to accommodation, Beagle Street is using technology to remove unnecessary costs from life insurance.”

And there it is…the message that it was all about “Beagle Street is using technology to remove unnecessary costs from life insurance.” So their company can help with savings on your life insurance putting money back in your pocket. And they’ve proven they will do this…so pick up the phone and buy your life insurance today.

In terms of what they have achieved for just over £5,000 this is definitely a huge PR win. And rumour has it they will be releasing the pounds in different cities all over the UK in the coming weeks…Cheltenham next please!