Red light for Roxanne

03 September 2018 | Lloyd Hughes

Roxanne, you don’t have to put on a red light, Roxanne, you don’t have to put on a red light, Roxanne, you don’t have t….sorry, getting carried away there. It’s just the first thing I think of whenever I hear the name Roxanne.

Maybe not now though. Now, I’ll be more likely to think of a duplicitous, manipulative little reprobate called Roxanne.

Roxanne Pallett has effectively committed harakiri on her showbiz career following a disgraceful bit of playacting during her stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

If you know what I’m on about, then I’m sure you’ll agree with my sentiment when I say, ‘What a lying <insert expletive here>!”

I’ve refused to sanction the watching of CBB in our house after being reluctantly sucked in by Love Island all summer, so we’ve not really seen any of it, however I was drawn in by the social media furore around Roxanne Pallett saying she was ‘punched like a boxing bag’ by Ryan Thomas.

Having familiarised myself with the goings on I was, frankly, disgusted by Roxanne’s antics. There’s nothing worse than someone lying and twisting the truth to suit their agenda. It looks like a blatant attempt to create some drama and get extra screen time, while also helping to steer herself away from an awkward situation with another housemate (Ben) who had confessed his love to her, despite her being already engaged outside the house.

I’ve come across similar characters in real life, and there’s no personality type that I despise more. She was perfectly willing to besmirch Ryan’s character and potentially ruin his career to further her own pathetic ends. It’s a genuinely disgraceful way to behave.

Having left the house, Roxanne has appeared on Jeremy Vine to put forward ‘her side’ of the story. She admitted to ‘getting it wrong’ and ‘overreacting’ to the situation because she’s ‘sensitive’. It’s all a desperate PR attempt to save her career, which, regardless, is almost certainly ruined.

The ‘apology’ was self-serving and didn’t strike me as being down to a genuine sense of guilt, just shock at people’s reaction to it.

Large numbers of Roxanne’s former colleagues on Emmerdale (Roxanne’s colleagues, not Ryan’s, btw) have come out to say that she’s well known for being a compulsive liar so it’s clear she hasn’t had a momentary lapse of judgement.

Her apology would’ve been better off being along the lines of “I did do it to cause drama, but genuinely didn’t think about the consequences for Ryan and the fact it isn’t a game or a soap opera, but real life. I was being selfish, just thinking about myself and how the furore might increase my screen time, but now I realise how much of an impact that could have on Ryan outside the house, and I’m genuinely sorry.”

While that wouldn’t fix the car crash of her career, it would, at least, be more accurate than her initial apology, which just tries to absolve herself of responsibility.

It seems more and more of a societal thing – saying it made me ‘feel’ like that seems, to me at least, to be an excuse to take affront to practically anything, no matter how ridiculous and even if it’s made up.

At least, in this instance, the cameras displayed the truth.

So long, Roxanne, and good riddance. I really do hope that’s the end of your TV career.