Queen Bey and King Jay-Z

Queen Bey and King Jay-Z

21 May 2015 | Abbie-Jaye Wilson

Earlier this week it was said that Taylor Swift owns PR.

Now, much as I love Swifty, I’m afraid this time I’ma do a Kanye and say what about Beyonce (and Jay-Z)?

Don’t they own PR?

Well recently the couple have come out fighting – and it’s been a bit of an upstream battle – over their music streaming company Tidal in what has to be one of their biggest personal PR pushes ever.

Move over Bonnie and Clyde video remakes. This is where the crew behind the Carters must have gone into an overdrive to positively push this new venture in the right direction.

And it can’t be easy, this is a business move to pay more to artists who are being fleeced by the listeners of free streaming services. Boo hoo, I hear you say. Well yes, so it was always going to be a hard sell to begin with.

The newest business venture by music mogul Jay-Z, and therefore his other half Beyonce, was re-launched (after he acquired its parent company) in March this year.

As part of this launch the couple called their mates to help out, queue the likes of Rihanna, Usher, BFF Kanye West, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Jack White…..the list goes on. In fact even Taylor Swift has backed the move by removing her music from the free streaming service Spotify. Her back catalogue is available on Tidal.

This is PR 101 for these guys. So moving on.

For me the real push has come after the backlash Tidal received for not being an overnight success.

Mr and Mrs Carter came out with their boxing gloves on. Well, actually B in her usual fashion wore not boxing gloves but tight clothes, flashed her enviable curves and caused a wave (get it?).

Interestingly much of their fight back and PR push has been directly from the pair themselves, or seemingly so. Jay-Z began tweeting a “stream of consciousness” in defence of his business. It was like he was talking to his fans. Great stuff, and something of a rarity for the star.

Beyonce has used her biggest asset, her body and begun releasing images, videos and even teamed up with Nicki Minaj to keep the press coming back to her and her hubby. Earlier this week she released the first snippet of Feeling Myself, which saw the two wearing very little and dancing – again who doesn’t drop everyone when Beyonce starts dancing – before it cut out and a Tidal logo appeared. And the video will only be shown on Tidal. Way to support your man Bey.

Great stuff guys, it’s personal, feel like an insight into their lives and quite frankly it’s everywhere. They are owning it.

It’s actually in stark contrast to their approach to the lift fiasco, when they went into lock down and said nothing about what went down. Which I must say again worked wonders as everyone talked about it but also about their poise throughout it all.

It seems the Carters can do no wrong and that Beyonce does indeed, Run The World….but I wonder what she will say about that champagne?