Presidential Thirst

26 April 2017 | Pic PR

Intern Joe (like Immortan Joe, but less apocalyptic) looks at Trump's hydration needs...

Pushing a red button in the White House might not be as catastrophic as you might think.

If there’s one word you could use to describe Donald Trump (ignoring all the obvious ones…), it would be eccentric.

It’s no secret that the incumbent president does things in his own weird, narcissistic, billionaire-TV-star way. And the latest example of this comes from American journalist, Julie Pace who has revealed in an article rounding up Trumps 100 days in office, that Trump has a button in the Oval office that sends a butler running in with an ice-cold can of Coca Cola for him to enjoy!!

This puts Coca-Cola in a tough PR spot.

This is a company which strives to maintain a hip, modern, left-leaning public image; just last month it released a short film celebrating International Women’s Day.

Then, along comes Trump to tarnish that “free-love” brand image, a posterchild for the Alt-Right movement, someone who smashes political correctness to the ground at every turn, essentially giving the soft drinks company a lovely little endorsement.

It’s not the first time Trump has given gleaming promotions for companies that didn’t ask for it. During the election race, Donald posted a picture of himself enjoying a KFC bucket, showcasing his likeness to the common working man…..from the comfort of his private jet of course. KFC chose not to respond to this gesture, I’d bet that they were more offended by the fact that he’s eating fried chicken with a knife and fork, which is the equivalent of using chopsticks to eat a chocolate bar.

On further thought, maybe it’s not that bad for Coca-Cola; it is the most consumed soft drink in the world, so maybe we should all just accept the fact that even an irrational demagogue like Trump enjoys a nice Coke like the rest of us.

Let’s just hope the Coke button isn’t right next to the nuclear launch controls.