PR win for La La Land

10 January 2017 | Billy Thompson

Unless you’ve set up camp in a cave, or have dedicated yourself to a true hermit’s life, you’re likely to have heard about the film La La Land. Saying that, I was apparently living the hermit life, as I only heard about it yesterday…

Whilst driving to work, it was all I was hearing about on the radio. It was also all over social media and in all of the major news outlets.

I obviously wanted to find out more about this film, so I when I researched it and found out it’s a comedy-romance-musical, I was surprised.

La La Land is about a jazz pianist (Ryan Reynolds) who meets an aspiring actress (Emma Stone) in Los Angeles. The story follows the pair throughout their relationship.

I can’t say the film appeals to me as I’m not exactly a big musical fan (apart from Grease, but who doesn’t like Grease?!), however from the amount of hype surrounding it, it must be something special.

I haven’t seen a film with this much hype for a long time, so I’m definitely going to have to check it out.

La La Land has already had huge success, receiving a record breaking seven Golden Globe Awards.

The film has also received a massive 11 nominations for the BAFTA film awards, which are being held on 12th February. The nominations include best film, best director, leading actor and original music.

From a PR point of view, the film couldn’t have done any better. Winning prestigious awards, getting major press coverage and not to mention the $86.5 million box office!

The film is released in UK cinemas on 13th January, so go and watch it to see if the hype is deserved.