Pokémon PR

25 July 2016 | Lloyd Hughes

The Pokémon bandwagon is rolling on. Not a day goes by without it being in the news in some capacity or continuing to dominate social media.

Now, unsurprisingly, firms are being quick to jump on the back of its popularity to further their own aims.

I’ve seen pictures of churches getting involved, with Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon (where the bard is buried, no less) offering up signs outside saying it’s got a Poké-gym in there if people want to come in and play. It included the line “Looking for Pokémon, Shakespeare or Jesus…they are all found here!” Kudos to the Clergy.

The church isn’t alone though. Having a read of the Edinburgh Evening News over the weekend I saw that Central Taxis is launching a Pokémon Go Taxi Tour, where for a fixed price of £15 they’ll guarantee 50 Pokéstops and other collectibles as part of a 20 minute trip.

Dreamt up by the firm’s 18-year-old IT apprentice who’s only been there 2 months it’s a really neat idea and one that’s helped them to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Taxis in Edinburgh are generally a nightmare – you need to pre-book otherwise you’re in for a very long wait at a taxi rank. One usually turns up every 20 minutes to service a queue of 30 people in the early hours of the morning, but the day time situation isn’t much better.

With Uber having recently launched in the Scottish capital, taxi firms are having to up their games to stay ahead of the curve and it seems like Pokémon is the latest weapon in the fare fight.

The fact that Pokémon Go has seen people endangering their lives by going to ludicrous lengths to catch Pokémon, a relatively safe taxi journey, with a licensed driver who’s concentrating on the road could be a nice option for concerned parents.

The firm has said it plans to up the route if it receives a surge in orders. But even if it doesn’t it’s had some nice coverage off the back of it and has managed to put itself above the parapet.

I’m resisting all calls to play the game, but it actually sounds like quite a good way to tour the city so this option just makes it all the more tempting. Nice one, Central Taxis.