Plastic-free packaging for McDonalds

25 June 2019 | Becky White

Ahh, McDonalds. Who doesn’t love a Big Mac for a cheeky lunch or a midnight snack after a night out? It’s no secret that McDonald’s fast food isn’t exactly the most nutritious – but its distinctive taste and convenience will, no doubt, forever make it a popular option. Although much of McDonald’s food is served in recyclable card, there are still a few items on the menu that are packaged with plastic – and in order to jump on the sustainability bandwagon, McDonalds has announced that it is finally ditching the plastic lids on its McFlurries and salad meals.

McDonalds has estimated that by cutting out some of its plastic packaging, it can save 485 tonnes of this damaging material per year. In an age where we’re literally having to do something about the accumulation of plastic in our seas, this is, quite frankly, a much-needed move by McDonalds.

Rather than serving up its salad pots in plastic packaging, McDonalds is set to swap this out for carton board, a recyclable alternative.

Although McDonalds is creating all-recyclable carton packaging for its McFlurries, it is still set to retain its plastic spoons – which has caused some backlash amongst Twitter users, and are, no doubt, still damaging to the environment.

Despite the fact that we will still be seeing those McFlurry plastic spoons, it’s great that McDonalds is becoming more environmentally friendly and keeping in line with our need to reduce plastic pollution. No doubt, taking on the challenge of swapping plastic lids on its drink cups will be a difficult one, particularly when finding a water-resistant material that’s environmentally friendly; but if McDonalds one day succeeds in going plastic free, this will make great marketing material, enabling it to promote its ethical stance.

Will plastic-free packaging and a new menu make me more likely to take a trip to McDonalds? More than likely, yes. But while the packaging overhaul might be great news for the planet, it’s perhaps not so good for my waistline!