Plastic Fantastic

01 March 2018 | Aaron Wise

This decade, there’s been a massive push towards reducing plastic waste.

From some supermarkets stopping the sale of plastic bags, to being paid to return your plastic bottle after drinking its contents, there’s been a large-scale move to reduce the amount of plastic waste being taken to landfill.

BBC One’s Blue Planet II showed us the effect plastic is having on marine life last year, and as a bit of a tree hugger myself, it was quite a tough watch seeing the detrimental impact plastic has on the environment.

Plastic causes loss of life on an industrial scale and more and more people are becoming aware of its toxic values.

So I was very, very chuffed to see delivery firm Deliveroo announce that it is to cut down on takeaway plastic packaging

Declaring it will lead by example, Deliveroo has pledged to use sustainable alternatives to the polluting plastics, including packaging made from sugar cane.

It has also launched an ‘opt-in’ button for cutlery on its app, in the hope of reducing the plastic in our oceans – which currently makes up a staggering 95% of the rubbish floating in them!

The move is expected to cut the amount of plastic used by the firm by 50 per cent, and will also be rolled out across the 12 other countries Deliveroo operates in.

This is great PR and has promoted Deliveroo to the forefront of combatting unnecessary waste in the fast-food industry. Even those who snarl at fast-food have to credit the delivery firm’s landmark pledge.

Hopefully introducing paper straws and biodegradable cutlery to its packaging will encourage others to follow suit, and now, whenever other restaurants and takeaways join the fight to reduce plastic, it’ll be Deliveroo who will spring to mind as the eco-protagonists.