Pinpointing styles

18 June 2019 | Daniella Wilson

Sadly, in today’s society most us use social media platforms or search engines to find inspiration by looking at images or articles, rather than getting out into the real world and experiencing or finding these ideas first hand.

Yes, I am a part of the large sum, who sit behind the screen looking for new trends but I cannot stop my obsession for Pinterest!

Need inspiration for a new outfit? Pinterest has it.

Need help looking for a new way to decorate your room? Pinterest can help.

Although, asking a stranger where their coat or top is from is good for socialising, I would much rather pick up my phone and scroll through new trends. Is that worrying or are you the same?

The only flaw I’ve found with Pinterest is that I can spend hours scrolling through my feed looking for outfit ideas, yet when it comes to trying to find that piece of clothing in a shop or on a website, I find it near enough impossible to find anything similar! Anyone else experiencing the same frustration?

Well…Pinterest has finally realised the pain that we’ve been experiencing every time we’re not able to find that beautiful dress or gorgeous top and is now introducing a new extension known as ‘Complete the look’ to make our searching a whole lot easier.

Exciting? I know!

This new extension, will take into account the products you’ve already searched for and provide related recommendations, while keeping in mind what body type, occasion, season, trend and type of clothing you’ve been searching for.

If you think that’s impressive, it gets even better!

The platform is also making it easier to find the clothing item by being able to ‘shop the look’. No more searching hours on end for that particular item, there will be a link within the blog or the post, depending on if the user posting them has added them in, of course. At least the option is finally there – it’s something I’ll be sure to embrace.

Social media platforms are constantly evolving in order to stay relevant to their users and Pinterest is certainly doing that here.

What are you hoping they are going to change or add next?