Pet politics

22 June 2016 | Pic PR

With the EU Referendum fast approaching, everybody’s talking about whether they’re in or out – and some are just shaking their heads about.

And it’s not just the British public showing concerns, the animal kingdom is also expressing signs of apprehension about leaving the European Union.

#CatsAgainstBrexit has been trending on Twitter, with an astounding number of feline friends backing the Remain camp. Some have come out with a few purrfect points, like this one:

"Because getting a good passport photo is really hard."

Can’t argue with that. The number of times I’ve had to sit in one of those supermarket photo booths and endure the maximum number of attempts to produce the perfect passport selfie… but somehow still ends up looking like a mug shot with classic resting bitch face.

It appears that the Twitter hashtag was created by user Lilian Edwards, who felt the need to urge other cat lovers to jump on board and share their political views. It certainly got the internet talking, and it may have even purr-suaded a few votes too!

Of course it’s not just moggies that want in on the vote, dogs have also been barking their views on the #Mutts4Remain hashtag and using their puppy dog eyes to express how ruff life outside of the EU could be.

There are two parties battling for Britain’s wellbeing and not one to miss out, internet sensation Grumpy Cat got her tail wagging to support the Brexit party and even engaged in a little selfie action with Daniel Hannan. Who knew they were friends?

If you still find yourself sat on the fence and unsure which box to cross, spend a few moments scrolling through these Twitter hashtags for some purrfect political pro-cat-stination.