Paws for thought

17 May 2016 | Pic PR

Forget handbags. Forget statement necklaces. The only accessory you'll want to be spotted with this summer is a cute canine.

Yes ladies, the 'parading around with a puppy in your handbag' trend is back. This time though, we can't place any blame on Paris Hilton (although we can probably point the finger at her for starting the trend back in the mid-noughties).  

A designer clothing company has received major backlash for selling puppies on its website. 

Offering a choice of dogs for all outfits and occasions in their 'Canine Collection', you can pick the perfect pooch to match your personality and your pashmina!  

Unsurprisingly and rightly so, the digital world kicked off and attacked the site's actions. 

Lyst's response was, "We were surprised to see the negative reactions on social media – the very space where dogs are paraded as accessories the most."

I'm not sure why Lyst were so shocked with the number of unwelcoming comments received - what ethical clothing company actually sells pets as fashion accessories? 

Like I suspected, the whole thing was a hoax. 

Lyst wanted to ‘spark a debate around the worrying trend for ‘handbag’ dogs.’ Well, they certainly sparked something - and got a few tails wagging!

The ironic and hypocritical thing about the whole thing is that they actually sell clothing with real fur, so they've simply highlighted the fact that perhaps they don't care too much for animals after all. 

By not responding to the urgent messages sent by the RSPCA and Dogs Trust, they have made themselves look just as bad as those who actually do use dogs as a fashion accessory. 

I think we can all agree that the moral of this story is that a dog is for life, not just for a PR stunt.