Pastry passion

31 January 2018 | Jo Doverman

Got any big V-Day plan lined up? Perhaps you’re thinking of spoiling your Valentine to a romantic weekend away, or maybe you’re thinking of proposing?! You might be thinking of sending a single red rose to their office or, like many couples, you could sit down with your one true love in your favourite eatery and share a delicious…pastry?!

One convenient food chain has really stepped up its game this Valentine’s season, offering posh pastries to happy couples up and down the country.

Everyone’s idea of love and romance is different, which is prime opportunity for brands to dish up a unique PR stunt. Some people want diamonds and big romantic gestures, others expect a card and a cuddle, the poles are so far apart which means there’s an opportunity for every brand to jump on the Valentine’s band wagon.

Greggs hit the headlines this week after announcing it will be inviting courting couples into its ‘restaurants’ for a romantic sit down dinner for two. Who needs a fancy steak in a Michelin star restaurant when you can have a steak bake, right?!

Greggs will be hosting candlelit dinners across the UK with a special four-course menu including some top Greggs favourites with a twist; seasoned pork puff pastry sliders, love heart garnished bakes and a brochette of doughnuts. Who said romance was dead?

So instead of dragging your heels to Greggs on a Saturday morning after one too many beers, or dashing in at lunch to grab a light snack, take a seat and let the food come to you for a change!

Of course, not all Greggs stores are offering the chance to woo your boo, but if you live in any of the five big cities, including London, Cardiff and Glasgow, reserve your table quick! Greggs has teamed up with OpenTable for the event, which only costs £15 per couple – bargain!

Good effort Greggs and OpenTable, both of which offer a convenient and fast service which is clearly highlighted in this stunt. It’s a novelty idea and a bit gimmicky you might say too, but it’s really grabbed the attention of the press!