Orange, you glad?

21 June 2019 | Jess Holder

Following the backlash of her controversial 2017 Pepsi advert, could Kendall Jenner be going to the dark side and one-upping the brand by turning to rivals Coca-cola? Suspicions of a collaboration between the brand and the supermodel are running high, and let me tell you why.

For the first time in over a decade, Coca-cola has released a range of brand new flavours, one of them being Orange Vanilla Coke Zero (I’m not sure how I feel about it either) but it appears Kendall Jenner was pretty into it (or so it seems) as she posted a birdseye view type image to her 112 million Instagram followers of her purchasing the drink in a Bodega store. And she just so happened to be dressed in a striking orange dress just a few Pantone shades away from the orange branding on the newly released coca-cola can, coincidence? I think not.

Instagram account “@diet_prada” didn’t seem too convinced either, as the mastermind behind the account, which aims to essentially call out all of the wrongs in the industry, hit out at the Instagram post as a way of Coca-cola “scheming to skirt around the FTC ‘s social media advertising guidelines” (these guidelines require influencers to state when a post is a paid ad). Other companies also hopped on the social media bandwagon, such as influencer marketing agency, Seen Connects, also posing the question “Ad or coincidence?”.

But I mean, in the digital, social age we’re living in it seems pretty likely that the millennial would purely purchase the colour coordinated drink to make a splash on the gram, right? Coca-Cola itself even left a comment on her photo “When you find a drink to complete your look”.

But the supermodel wasn’t just purely photographed for her Instagram. She was also papped leaving the store with the Coca-cola branding from the can on full display, which really does spark the question, who holds a can of Coke like that? It all seems a bit suspect to me, and as I’m sure we’re all aware, this wouldn’t have been the first time that the Kardashian/Jenner clan have set up a run in with the paparazzi.

However, a spokeswoman from Coca-cola told Refinery29 “Kendall Jenner is not paid by Coca-cola and this was not a paid placement. There is nothing better than drinking an ice-cold Coke in the summer and clearly, Kendall agrees!” So, as they say, that’s the tea.

What are your thoughts? Purely coincidence or sneaky yet super smart marketing?

Whatever the verdict, we can only imagine the scenes at Coca-Cola HQ this week.

And, if there’s one thing to take away from this blog… remember, the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder.