Optimus Is Uber Cool

Optimus Is Uber Cool

18 June 2014 | Lloyd Hughes

Uber, a taxi handling app, has had a lot of bad press recently as London’s black cab drivers have revolted against its introduction in the capital. The cabbies say that the fact that the app works out the costs of a ride is tantamount to the inclusion of a taxi metre, which only black cab drivers are entitled to use in London.

The furore saw traditional cabbies stage a protest the other day, blocking central streets and disrupting traffic, leaving motorists facing huge delays.

Any protest of this kind invariably creates enormous frustration as it effects people that couldn’t care less about either Uber or black cabs. If anything, it’s actually probably been good coverage for Uber as its increased awareness of it as an option – I certainly hadn’t heard of it until the cabbies kicked up their cacophony of protest. And it’s probably been bad for black cab drivers as people resent the disturbance to their daily routine.

But, leaving aside the whole London hoo-hah, Uber has also got itself involved in a nice little stunt across the pond. As part of a promotional feat to highlight the forthcoming Transformers 4 movie, the chaps behind the app have teamed up with General Motors and Paramount Pictures to give users the chance to ‘hail’ a ride in Optimus Prime – the legendary leader of the Autobots.

The iconic truck will be heading to three US cities where a few lucky app users will be able to experience a 15-minute ride in the vehicle. All they need to do (once Optimus Prime has arrived in their city) is select the AUTOBOTS option on the app, tap SET PICKUP LOCATION and then tap ROLL OUT. They’re then entered in the mix for a possible pickup.

A great bit of PR for the firm, which will get fans of the film ‘uber’ excited (yeah, that’s right, I did it) and help to spread awareness of what the app can do.

To add a further twist, perhaps Uber should push for a London cab to feature as one of the Decepticons in the film? Evil London cabbies!