Oprah Waxy

13 July 2018 | Daisy Rickards

So, I guess it really isn’t a Pic blog these days unless we make some sort of reference to the Mischief Making team at Paddy Power, or even the controversial President of the United States. And today…it’s both!

If you haven't heard yet, Trump is in town. And as you can imagine, things haven’t gone as smoothly as usual presidential visits go; as protesters line the streets of London to stand up against all that President Trump represents (what is that exactly?!).

For creatives types though, this visit simply means one thing - the perfect opportunity for a PR stunt.

As negative press dominates the front pages of the papers and social media enthusiasts post streams of tweets bashing the leader, why not jump on the bandwagon? Paddy Power has cleverly done just that this week (as it always does), and has created yet another excellent stunt, right in the heart of London.

Busy commuters were met with a rather strange wax figure this morning, as they wandered past the houses of parliament, while tourists took selfies with it as the day went on. But, who was represented by this effigy?

No, it wasn’t the man of the hour (much to his chagrin no doubt), but another American socialite, Oprah Winfrey standing tall within the glassed box. But why her? Well it turns out the American people (the famous ones, at least), want the talk show host to run for Trump's position in the next 2020 election.

Despite many other celebrities claiming to be competing for such a position, not least Kanye West, it seems as though Oprah may be the potential favourite.

When asked about the reasoning behind the stunt, Paddy Power responded saying “Trump’s shown us that all you need to run for president is an overzealous fan base, an overblown TV show and the balls to lie louder than anyone else.” Apparently, Oprah has ‘at least one of these qualities’... and maybe even a few more.

We’re still not sure whether Trump has taken time out of his day to see the figure (we doubt it), or even if Oprah herself knows a wax copy of her is currently erected outside of UK parliament. But, regardless, this is yet another cleverly placed stunt from the team at Paddy Power. They really do know how to get on board with riled up Brits and use it to their own effect.

Although, you’re probably wondering what they’ve gained out of this, apart from office #bantz. Well, with the words ‘Paddy Power’ pasted above the wax figure, there was no need for second guessing as to who was behind it.

So, fair play, yet again, to the guys at Paddy Power for another great stunt – its mischief making team is once again doing a great job earning their wage.

*P.S I think PP should pay us for the sheer amount of blogs we’ve now written on them, and Trump!