One Day I

One Day I'll Fly Away

08 June 2015 | Liz Bowen

In case you missed it, Kate Moss got “led off” a plane following a flight home from Turkey for being a tad tipsy. Is anyone surprised? No, me neither. It’s Kate “renowned party animal” Moss, after all.

What has surprised the general populous however is the fact that it was an EasyJet flight. That’s right, Kate Moss slummed it.

The powers at be at the budget airline must have been rubbing their hands in glee when they realised their troublesome passenger was the infamous supermodel because that’s all anyone is talking about this morning – it’s all over social media, it’s on nearly every news website … basically, wherever you read Kate Moss’ name today, it will inevitably be followed by EasyJet’s.

Any PR agency would kill for this kind of exposure – your brand associated with a well-known personality. Ok, so it’s not exactly under the best of circumstances, but as we’ve already deduced, no one is actually focussing on the fact that Kate Moss got thrown off an EasyJet flight. It’s the fact she chose to get on it at all.

Suddenly, people are thinking, ‘if it’s good enough for Mossy, it might be good enough for us – price it up’. EasyJet has received the ultimate advert for its services and it hasn’t had to lift a finger … or a wing.

Speaking of airlines, if Kate Moss flying EasyJet got you, Brangelina and their brood have been photographed flying economy on an Air France domestic flight from Paris to Nice. A-listers flying economy? The world’s gone topsy turvy.

If being Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wasn’t enough, if there’s one time you’d expect a celeb couple (or any couple come to that) to embrace the luxury of first class, or more especially the luxury of their own private plane, it’s when they’ve got six kids in tow. But no, there’s Brad Pitt, casually storing his luggage in the overhead lockers just like everyone else …

Celebrity endorsement is the ultimate PR coup. The public aren’t stupid, they know PR companies pay celebrities to advertise their products – does anyone actually believe that J.Lo uses L’Oreal? I don’t.

But to see a celebrity use your product because it’s the right fit for them is priceless. It gets people talking, it raises your profile and most importantly, it enhances your reputation as a brand.

There’s something decidedly satisfactory about it for consumers too; to see that, despite all their protestations about being “everyday folk, just like you and me”, some celebrities actually are.

So, now you know which airlines to fly with, all that’s left is to choose your destination. I hear Turkey and Nice are nice this time of year …