On yer bike

18 August 2017 | Jess Seal

Full Moon…Half Moon…Total Eclipse!!

Who remembers the incredible advert of a teacher eating her Jaffa Cakes in front of the class as part of their science lesson?

What a classic. When I open a packet of Jaffa Cakes I can’t help but act out the well-known scene at least once and I’m sure many others do the same even though it’s been years since the advert aired. And I can never resist slapping someone in the face when they're drinking a can of Tango either.

When a brand makes a memorable advert, they really have struck gold, especially in the modern day of sharing videos on social media and YouTube.

So, when Evans Cycles decided to re-enact one of Britain’s favourite TV Ads as part of a PR stunt, it was no surprise it would take the internet by storm.

Back in 1973, Hovis created its commercial of a young boy (Carl Barlow) struggling to push his bike up a steep hill to deliver bread. The advert was received so well that it was voted as Britain’s favourite ever TV ad in a poll.

So, with it being 44 years on and Carl Barlow now a 58-year-old retired fire fighter, Evans Cycles decided it was time for a remake. But it wouldn’t be a PR stunt without a cheeky twist would it?

The new advert sees a group of modern day cyclists attempting to tackle the iconic Gold Hill in Shaftesbury on their bikes, but of course they really struggle. Mr Barlow (yes, the real him), however, cycles past dressed in his vintage ‘Baker’s Boy’ attire and breezes up the hill with ease, despite having to resort to pushing his bike up the hill in the Hovis original.

But how? Is it years of eating Hovis’ hearty bread that’s provided the necessary energy, as alluded to in the 70’s advert?

Nope. This is a cycling advert after all…so an electric bike of course!

Simples (to coin a phrase from another well-known advert).

The ad itself was part of a larger campaign by Evans Cycles to inspire more people to cycle to work.

Joel Natale, commercial director of Evans Cycles made comment on the advert:

 “We hope revisiting such a beloved advert, and helping Carl conquer the hill once and for all, will inspire more people to get on two wheels, save on their commuting costs and escape the frustrations of how they currently get to work.”

Now I can’t say the advert encouraged me to start cycling to work but I do think this is a great PR stunt and one that’s got people talking, and that’s all a brand can wish for when creating an advert.

Hats off Evans – it’s a thumbs up from me!