Oh, the Vanity

26 January 2018 | Aaron Wise

Culture magazine Vanity Fair has been caught red-handed, well three-handed to be precise!

On the cover of the magazine’s Hollywood issue you’ll find stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman and Tom Hanks all dolled up to mark the awards season.

And whilst you’d expect this gloriously star-studded image to be making the rounds, you probably wouldn’t expect it to be because extra appendages have appeared on two of the cover’s celebrities.

Oprah is pictured with three hands and Reece with three legs… Yes, the world-famous glossy publication has accidently photoshopped an extra hand and leg into the photo and it’s slipped through unnoticed. Call it sleight of hand, but I’m not pulling your leg (sorry).

What looked to have been a good PR move by Vanity - digitally removing Hollywood actor James Franco from the cover after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him – has been turned on its head by an unfortunate error.

After five women accused Franco of sexual misconduct, Vanity didn’t hesitate to erase him from the cover despite him denying the allegations, and it made the right call.

Accusations of sexual misconduct being brought against high-profile celebrities has been in the spotlight recently, just look at the removal of Kevin Spacey from Ridley Scott’s ‘All the Money in the World’ following a string of sexual abuse allegations against the actor.

I cannot believe such a bold decision from the magazine to remove Franco in a bid to make a serious statement is now being ridiculed and laughed at because someone, somewhere has made a right, utter cock-up!

Although Reece and Oprah have laughed it off across social media, it doesn’t change the fact almost every news story has gone in on joking about the extra limbs and have tucked the removal of Franco from the issue towards the bottom.

So that’s good PR tarnished by a somewhat unfortunate mistake.