Now that's a comic relief

22 March 2017 | Jess Seal

Today’s blog shows how one small celebrity stunt can generate some great PR for a large number of people and raise awareness for one of the country’s biggest charity events taking place this Friday – Comic Relief.

This morning, British journalist and television presenter, Piers Morgan announced on Good Morning Britain that he would take a 24-hour silence from his infamous Twitter account if the viewers raised £5,000 for Comic Relief. Since the announcement, a whole host of celebrities have got involved with the pledge, donating large sums of money hoping to not only shut Piers up for the day but to make him do the unthinkable – wear a Tottenham Hotspurs football shirt for the full day!

But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, Piers Morgan is a controversial British journalist and television personality who knows exactly how to ruffle the feathers of the public, especially to his 5.61 million followers on his Twitter page.

There are plenty of people in Britain who would like to see Mr Morgan take a 24-hour vow of silence on the social media platform, including well known business man, Lord Alan Sugar. Minutes after Piers announced this vow of silence, Lord Sugar took to Twitter and announced he would happily pledge the full £5,000 to Comic Relief revealing that it is “the bargain of the century”. Lord Sugar went on to say how it “will be a wonderful day without that nutter clogging up the whole of Twitter with his nonsense.”

And it doesn’t stop there, because after Lord Sugar pledged the £5,000, Piers then decided to up the stakes. As a die-hard Arsenal fan, Piers announced that he would wear a Tottenham Hot Spurs football shirt on Good Morning Britain if the viewers could raise a whopping £50,000 for charity.

Pretty much instantly, Piers revealed that Robbie Savage, Kevin Pietersen and Holly Willoughby (whose husband is an Arsenal fan himself!) had already donated an incredible £1,000 each towards the cause. Gary Lineker then took to Twitter and said he’d donate an impressive £2,000 if he vowed to wear the shirt all day. Surprise, surprise, Morgan agreed to wear the shirt until 6pm.

Since launching this morning, the stunt has gone viral on Twitter (how ironic) encouraging as many people as possible to donate to Comic Relief.

Piers is a clever guy who has launched this fantastic PR stunt where he really can’t lose. He is raising money for a worthy cause whilst inviting the public to get their revenge on him.

What’s more, it’s great PR for all those celebrities that have donated, especially Lord Sugar who kicked things off.

I can see this being a big event on social media throughout the week with more high profile people putting their hands in their pockets to get a piece of this PR pie.

I have no doubt in my mind that the £50,000 will be raised by Friday – so watch this space and keep an eye on the outcome on Red Nose Day, this Friday morning.