21 October 2016 | Pic PR

Samsung has been garnering a lot of unwanted attention recently – what with its Note 7 smartphone prone to blowing up in your pocket/hand/face.

Despite this, it received a wave of PR praise for the speedy way which it dealt with the problem, after instantly initiating a costly billion-dollar recall. 

However, hopes the tech giant might have had of sweeping this under the carpet and moving on have been dealt a firm blow.

Gamers have updated Grand Theft Auto’s code so that the Note 7 can be used as a “weapon”.

If you’re unfamiliar with Grand Theft Auto (and you really shouldn’t be), it’s a game in which you take control of a host of unstable characters and work your way through to its end by committing a series of unpleasant offences (bank robberies, drug deals, arson, a spate of assaults and murders and, invariably, grand theft auto).

The Note 7 now takes the place of a grenade, and will explode upon being thrown at people and vehicles.

It’s a pretty funny update, but Samsung isn’t laughing.

It has caused fury amongst gamers by filing copyright claims against those who upload the clips to YouTube.

PR wise, this isn't a good move from Samsung. The gaming community is awfully vociferous and, being that most of these people are pallid basement-dwellers (harsh, maybe, but true) they have a lot of time to take to the internet and complain. Which, they’ve done.

As far as I can tell, all Samsung has done is once again stoked the fires of the smouldering disaster that has been the Note 7. Once again drawing attention to the fact that the smartphone might kill you. Something it's been trying very hard to make you forget.

Samsung would have been better off leaving it alone, or actually embracing it. The Note 7 disaster has gone everywhere, so everyone knows about it anyway. Humouring a humorous take on it would have set them in much better stead and painted the brand in a much better light. And let’s be honest, despite Samsung's uproar, you know they must’ve found it a little bit funny.