Not so Lovey Dovey

12 May 2017 | Pic PR

Intern Liz talks about Dove and its take on body image...


When it comes to body image, the fact that everybody (literally) is different is becoming the social norm, thanks in part to the many campaigns circulating around.


One of the biggest brands that has contributed to this over time is Dove.


For years now, they’ve promoted the fact that all body types are beautiful. They also take pride in never using professional models but ‘normal’ women for their campaigns because they want to portray women “as they are in real life” and help girls build body confidence.

Recently, they’ve taken it to a new level by releasing a range of body-shaped bottles as part of their “Real Beauty” campaign - one of three stunts to mark 60 years since the launch of Dove.

However, they haven’t necessarily had the response they were hoping for.A lot of people have taken to Twitter to express their views on the new bottles - primarily, how much of a ridiculous idea they think it is. Some have even said that the bottle most similar to their body type actually hurt their feelings.

So far, the new bottles have only been sent to ‘influencers’ and fans. We’re unsure if they’ll become available to the public anytime soon, if ever.

But, as always, there are some people who have no problem with the body-shaped bottles and just see it as another way of Dove interpreting the differences in body shapes and sizes in an attempt to celebrate our differences.

Dove’s Global Brand Vice President said the stunt is just a way to reflect the diversity through visual representation and that the bottles have been designed to spark a lively debate and discussion about what beauty ‘really means’.

Unfortunately, however, Dove seems to have really missed the mark and maybe got a little over-confident with how well they think they know their audience. On this occasion, it seems to have really backfired.