Nokia Reincarnated

16 February 2017 | Tom Carter

Arguably the most well-loved and resilient phone in history, the Nokia 3310 is now being remade and resold. And it’s not just some copycat company, it’s being sold by a Finnish company called HMD Global who bought the rights to the name. Originally released in 2000, the phone will be sold similarly to how it was sold back then, as a nearly indestructible phone with a lot of battery life.

The original version stopped selling in 2005 but in that time sold 126 million units, which makes it the world’s best-selling phone. However, the new phone will now be sold at £50 which is trifling compared to the £129.99 price tag it had when it was originally released.

There isn’t much detail on a lot of the specs of the phone yet but it is hoped it will come with a much higher resolution display as the older model only had an 84 x 84-pixel resolution display. It’s also hoped it will come with Bluetooth, as the old version didn’t and of course it’s standard on all modern phones. And, obviously, fans are expecting the old 4 games that the previous phone had pre-installed; Pairs II, Space Impact, Bantam and the incredibly popular Snake II.

On the announcement of its release it was met with a lot of excitement online, as well as a degree of scepticism.

Personally I think it’ll be a great phone to be released, I don’t think it could replace anyone’s iPhone or Samsung but I think it’ll be used as a great secondary phone for people who have broken their smartphone or just used for people with a bit of Nokia nostalgia!