No longer likeable

13 August 2019 | Daniella Wilson
Seeing as social media is in my job title, I think it’s only right to share my opinion on Instagram’s latest feature...or should that be non-feature.

For a platform where users share ‘Insta-worthy’ pictures - whether that’s from a tropical holiday or just in everyday life, counting ‘likes’ has become somewhat of an addictive habit. But what if Instagram was to remove this feature?


I know, I know it’s not the end of the world but come on, who doesn’t love a good stalk through others likes trying to find new accounts to follow?

Okay, now let’s get serious for a minute…

It’s a great idea and let me tell you why.

Instagram has already started testing in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan & Brazil - but don’t worry, you can still like posts and see your own likes. You're just not able to view how many likes the posts on another account have received.

The reason behind it is understandable - there’s pretty much always been a link between self-confidence (or lack thereof) and social media. I’ll admit, I used to scroll through my social media feeds wishing I looked like someone I followed, or that I had their lifestyle - with the knock-on effect that it causes discontent with my own life/self as a consequence. And if I was doing it, it’s scary to think about how many others are doing it.

Are you worried about how many likes you receive on an image?

If you receive fewer likes than normal, do you think it reflects personally on you? Or that it’s an indication as to what people think about you?

These sound like silly questions, I know. But most of us, if not all, have a ‘like goal’ we like to achieve and if it’s not reached, we feel like deleting the image and reposting.

With the new change, the pressure of reaching that goal will be gone forever and you’ll be able to focus on posting the things you love - instead of avoiding posting a picture just because you think it won't get enough likes.

Your Instagram is your portfolio, so make it your own. Share your memories, and your adventures - no need to worry about what others think!

What are your thoughts on the change?