Naked food

Naked food

10 September 2015 | Pic PR

Healthy snacking feeds your cravings without feeding your waistline and with 100% less guilt. It’s super ‘trendy’ to be munching down on raw foods these days, so a billboard full of healthy, whole food snacks is sure to catch the eye and get your brand trending on social media.

So, here’s another PR stunt proving that giving something away for free increases your chances of gaining a lot of coverage and shiny new fans. Free food is one of the best treats to come across, especially when you’re just wandering around London, minding your own business.

The whole food snack and a personal favourite of mine, Nākd, jumped on the freebie bandwagon earlier this week to give out some samples to the public. The ‘Find your Fave’ campaign sees a billboard set up in Shepard’s Bush Westfield shopping centre in London, with every flavour combination of healthy snack bar Nākd have. Stocks are replenished daily until the campaign ends or, presumably, when they run out of the whopping 40,000 bars they have reserved.

The campaign which targets the loyal fans, who are apparently ‘time poor and health conscious,’ Nākd is also utilising the opportunity to gain some new customers. It’s the perfect ‘try before you buy’ tactic. With 16 flavours of fruit and nut bars to choose from, the campaign is sure to find something to suit every palate.

According to reports, the campaign will find its way on to social media platforms with time lapse footage of the display paired with the hash tag #findyourfave.

If you find yourself walking past this beautifully dreamy, wall of free food, please find your favourite, and I’d be eternally grateful if you post me one too. But, if you can walk by a billboard of free food and not help yourself, who are you?!