Unicorn cabs

26 October 2016 | Jess Seal

As an ex-Londoner I know what it’s like pushing your way onto a hot, sticky and smelly tube at the early hours of the morning as part of your commute to work.

The London Underground doesn’t take any prisoners when it comes to the morning commute. As soon as you tap your oyster on that yellow panel and the barriers open, you’re knowingly walking into what can only be described as the pits of hell!

This week however, mobile network operator Three and handset provider ZTE have joined forces to bring ‘unicorn’ rides to the capital, inviting commuters to avoid that pit of hell and explore the stunning sights that Londoners take for granted.

Using the #magictogether, ZTE are launching their new ZTE Blade V7 device that is exclusively available to Three, and the aim of their stunt is to inject an element of fun into Londoners’ daily morning commutes.

The ‘unicab’ is drawn by a pair of white horses adorned with a rainbow coloured mane and tail, a multi-colour horn (of course) and my absolute favourite, pink and purple glitter hooves! The cart is big enough for three commuters and directed by two extremely well dressed drivers complete with top hat and purple suit.

Throughout the ride, ‘commuters’ are able to try out the new ZTE Blade V7, and encouraged to take selfies of their ‘unicab’ experience.

Now I don’t know about you but I’d never heard of ZTE before today but this simple PR stunt has ensured I’ll always remember it moving forward. ‘Unicabs’ launched today and it’s already all over the internet, and with two more days to go, who knows what will happen.

Move over Uber, there’s a new cabby in town!