Mooloolaba Mystery

Mooloolaba Mystery

02 September 2015 | Pic PR

When a brunette beauty posts a video online looking for the love of her life and father to her unborn child, you can expect the Internet to go wild helping with the search and sharing the video until it goes viral.

Natalie Amyot supposedly met a blonde haired, blue eyed, Australian hunk 6 weeks ago and upon returning home to France, found out she was pregnant and also in love with the chap. So she travelled back across the globe to Australia to hunt him down! What a beautiful, romantic story to tell the grand kids. That is until you find out it was all a hoax and a massive PR stunt…

In a desperate attempt to boost tourism and put Mooloolaba, Australia, on the map, the Sunny Coast Social Media Company produced their very own viral video.

Natalie, a 26-year-old actress, was employed by the media company to desperately search for her missing man. According to the latest reports, Natalie had no part to play in writing anything online, she starred in the video and the media company did the rest. She was simply a ‘volunteer’ and a pretty face to the marketing campaign.

The next video continued to blag the public by starting off with Natalie claiming she had in fact found her new love, before stepping to one side to reveal the PR creative, a very smug British man, from behind the scenes. It was this cheeky chappy who had been posing as Natalie online and responding to all the social media comments. Did someone say catfish?

The stunt even went as far as to claim poor Natalie had no family of her own, which made her desperate search even more heart aching.

Gutted for those who genuinely cared for poor Natalie and her mystery man but at least Mooloolaba can revel in its 15 minutes of fame! Although, this moment of stardom hasn’t been greatly received by the locals. The Sunshine Coast Daily news site has since posted:

“Mooloolaba: the place a young girl comes to get pregnant after a fling.
Mooloolaba, the place where you make up lies to market yourself.
Mooloolaba, the place where you put people off from responding to future appeals.
We can do better than that.
Much better.”

The site also pointed out Natalie’s surname, ‘Amyot,’ could actually be ‘Am I hot?’ which is a dead giveaway when you think about it…!