Mistletoe Drone

Mistletoe Drone

20 November 2014 | Pic PR

The popular American diner TGI Friday’s certainly wants to spread the love this festive season.

Its recent stunt included a mistletoe-wielding drone flying within its restaurants prompting diners to kiss one another. The inspiration behind this campaign came from the results of a survey that revealed that half of UK adults have never shared a kiss under the mistletoe, despite it being a firmly entrenched tradition.

Well, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little mistletoe. But would you feel comfortable locking lips with your loved one over a greasy quarter pounder, whilst being filmed by a flying robotic camera? Not for me, thanks.

I like the idea behind the campaign and think TGI’s has been clever to integrate old festive traditions with new innovative technologies. However, the environment in which this campaign is carried out might not be favourable to all its diners. Some of the photos seemed to suggest that a few looked less than comfortable!

Rachel Waller, TGI Friday’s spokeswoman is anticipating big things from this campaign and even suggested “Maybe we’ll have had our first mistletoe drone wedding by this time next year.” PR that!

The campaign has also gone social with the official hash tag #Togethermas, which gives followers the chance to win a two-person conjoined Christmas jumper. Sounds snug!

It will be interesting to see how traditionally reserved Brits respond to this…