Minding the gap

08 November 2016 | Billy Thompson

Toblerone is one of my favourite chocolates to eat during the festive period. I, like many others, love the classic chunky triangular shaped bar. But it seems as if this year Toblerone has gone on a diet, as the chunky triangles have definitely slimmed down.

The product’s makers, Mondelez International (formally known as Kraft Foods) has reduced the size of the chocolate triangle chunks on the bar, leaving them much slimmer and with larger gaps in-between one another.

The purpose of the re-design was to lower the weight of the 400g bar to 360g and the 170g bar to 150g. Mondelez has said the move was due to a rise of ingredient costs so this was the way to keep the price of the bars down. Essentially, you now get less chocolate for the same price as before.

Now if the brand thought this was a krafty* way of pooling the wool over consumer eyes, it was very much mistaken. The change has caused outrage amongst Toblerone fans from all over the UK.

Let me put this in perspective to how big a deal this is.

For those of you reading this blog in the future, today is the US Presidential Election. You’d think that this being huge world news, it would be the biggest trending story. But no, the Toblerone scandal is bigger news to us Brits than the impending Trump/Clinton apocalypse.

But this isn’t the first time Mondelez has caused a mass chocolate controversy. In early 2015 the famous Cadbury’s Crème Egg recipe was changed, removing the Dairy Milk chocolate and replacing it with standard cocoa mix chocolate – resulting in a ‘cheaper taste’.

The problem is the head guys at these big companies only seem to care about profits, even if that means upsetting a large amount of customers.

This is even more bad PR for Mondelez which proposed at the time of its Cadbury’s take over that it wouldn’t change the recipes. Chocolate lovers from the UK really must hate the US company who are ruining our classic sweet treats. I know I do.

*krafty as in Kraft foods – get it?!