Mile High Book Club

17 July 2018 | Becky White

You might be wondering, what the heck is a ‘flybrary’? This was my initial reaction, but it is in fact a brilliant innovation.

A linguistic blend of ‘flying’ and ‘library’, a flybrary is not literally a flying library. This summer, an array of children’s classics (17,500+ to be precise) are being transported between several European countries on 300 EasyJet airlines for children to read at their leisure.

With statistics showing that 3 in 10 children never pick up a book after school, concerns have been rising about the decline in reading amongst young children. In response, The National Literacy Trust have teamed up with EasyJet in an attempt to encourage a love for reading. Tucked in the pockets of passenger seats, children can reach inside and grab out their source of entertainment for the remainder of the flight. This could be any one of the children’s books chosen by Dame Jacqueline Wilson, including the likes of Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book and Peter Pan.

Kid Normal, a novel by the ambassadors of the campaign and children’s authors, Greg James and Chris Smith, is also amongst the books available to the children in flight.

This is, frankly, a brilliant PR stunt by EasyJet – not only are children being given the chance to acquire a new hobby, but parents can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet on their travels. It’s a win-win, if you ask me!

The benefits of this campaign don’t quite end there. After landing, children can log on to the flybraries’ book club website to download the title they’ve been reading, so they can finish the book. Literacy skills are also encouraged through a writing competition that has been launched on the website. On top of this, there are other fun activities that parents can use to further encourage their children to read.

Bringing books back is a genius idea, especially since kids seem to have their eyes stuck on iPads these days. And, let’s not forget to mention that library cards are considerably cheaper for cash-strapped parents!