Mayochup madness

21 September 2018 | Kate Owens

OKAY, it’s Friday and it’s time for a show of hands (wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care.)

Who here likes tomato ketchup?

Right, quite a few show of hands there

And…who likes mayonnaise?

Again, another good show of hands!

Now, who likes mixing their ketchup and mayonnaise into marie rose mess?

Many of the hands have gone down. It’s a bit 50/50

I, personally, cannot fathom as to why you would want to mix these two sauces together. They are two separate sauces and belong in two separate blobs on your plate.

However, Heinz has only gone and done just that. And what has it called this monstrosity? It’s called it…


Super original, isn’t it – really rolls off the tongue. Well I suppose they couldn’t call it ‘Marie Rose’, even though that’s essentially what it is and that’s what everyone has been whipping up since the 70s to smother our prawn cocktails with.

It was announced earlier in the week that mayochup will be coming to the UK, after being on trial in the Middle East and then arriving in the US. However, I’m not the only one who thinks this “hybrid” sauce should not exist, with one Twitter user expressing that “this is just as bad as putting pineapple on pizza”, again – another no-go in my case!

Also, isn’t Heinz just shooting itself in the foot here? If people really do love this combo of sauces, aren’t its sales of the two originals (Ketchup and Mayonnaise), going to decrease, resulting in lower revenue from that area of the business? Surely just let the people do what they want to do and let them get on with mixing their own concoctions?

How, indeed, did this concoction even come to grace our shelves? Ah, of course, Heinz stepped into the millennial world and created a Twitter poll to determine its popularity. Was it a landslide victory? Well, I certainly wouldn’t call 57% a landslide. It’s a bit like Brexit all over again.

Unfortunately mayochup looks set to hit the shelfs, and, by all means, if you’re part of that 57%, pop out and get yourself a bottle. I however, will remain more grounded and simply opt for the classics: ketchup in one bottle and mayonnaise in the other.