Markle & Sparkle

18 May 2018 | Kate Owens

So, if you haven’t heard - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to wed tomorrow at St George’s Chapel at 12pm, and if you genuinely haven’t heard you’ve probably been living in a cave with Stig of the Dump for a considerable amount of time.

And us patriots of Great Britain are going wild for it. We bloody love a wedding, and a Royal Wedding at that! Not only is it another excuse to crack open the tinnies early in the day, but also to gather with our friends and family where we can all slap on our Union Jacks, hustle around the TV and watch all the rich and famous rock up in their glad-rags and watch the “Prince of the People’, Harry, say his vows to US actress, Meghan Markle.

Now, it’s no secret that so far, the Royal Wedding has been a PR disaster, you only have to read my colleague, Lloyd’s, blog to see how it hasn’t all run smoothly and gone to plan so far…! And it’s unlikely the news will die down any time soon, even after the wedding, with some observers making much of Harry marrying an American divorcee, ala Wallis Simpson.

However, it hasn’t stopped us Brits getting in the spirit, the Union Jacks are out, the ‘Harry & Meghan’ t-shirts have been printed, all the collectables and souvenirs are readily available – even a cheeky Prince Harry swimming cossie is available to purchase.

Our favourite British retailer has jumped on the bandwagon too, and gone above and beyond to back the bride and groom, doing more than just stocking up on all the Royal Wedding goodies.

That’s right – Marks & Spencer has changed its name to….. ‘Markle & Sparkle’

 Oooosh - we love it!

Could M&S get any better? (Well - they have dressed up Percy and Penny Pig in their nuptial outfits too…)

With the Windsor store leading the way, there are a total of thirteen stores that will be temporarily changing their name this weekend, from Kensington through to Swindon and Llandudno.

Marks & Spencer is quintessentially British, it’s the leader on the high-street and its backing Hazza and Megs all the way up the aisle.

And so what if rumours and controversial conceptions are circulating about the Royal Wedding?

On Saturday, how about we all sit-back, get a Pimms, wave a flag and just be happy that the ginger* is making it down the aisle….Pip pip!

*Editor’s note: Kate is also Strawberry blonde, so this is permissible. Just about.